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Paul Logan
Paul Logan (Head PGA Professional)
Paul Streeter
Paul Streeter (PGA Professional)

Paul Logan, our Head PGA Professional is able to offer a blend of practical advice and tuition for any golfer, whether you wish to overhaul your current game or simply address a specific aspect of your game.

Paul has over 15 years PGA experience. He is a focused and pro-active teaching professional, passionate about the experience of golf at all levels with significant experience in the coaching of golfers from junior level through to the elite and he can offer real tangible benefits to all golfers.

Paul's own personal teaching philosophy has always been "less is more" so if you are bogged down with many swing thoughts, lets simplify the job and get shooting some good scores.

Paul can offer you both group and individual coaching at fantastic prices.

Using the 5-camera G.A.S.P system (Golf Analysis System for Professionals - one of only two five camera systems in the country) students can view their swing from each of the five camera angles and work on improving their game as necessary. Discs can be provided in order for you to further analyse your performance from the comfort of your own home.

Golf lessons are available as 45-minute individual sessions or in packages where we offer 6 lessons for the price of 5.

Group coaching is £45 for a 6-week course (all clubs and balls included) and takes place on Monday evenings for Ladies, Wednesday evenings for Gents, Thursday evenings for over 45s (mixed group) and Saturday mornings for juniors (£40 for juniors).

Why not join the Blue Tee Club (an academy for complete beginners)? Contact Paul Logan, Head PGA Professional on 01522 686340 for more information.

Thorpe Park Golf Club was awarded the English Golf Union accredited Golfmark in June 2010 with a Higher Achiever Award.

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Ten good reasons why you should have lessons:-

  1. 1. Lessons are both rewarding to your game and an enjoyable experience.
  3. 2. Having an expert in the golf swing exclusively working on your game is a real buzz and it's the opportunity to really get a sound platform.
  5. 3. Books, magazines and friends can often lend mis-guided tips or advice but gaining the correct advice for YOU is priceless...!
  7. 4. The pro is a second pair of eyes - he can see your swing and because of his training and expertise can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and give you realistic goals to reach through practice regimes to you as an individual.
  9. 5. The golf swing is a complex action. Lessons with a pro really help you to understand exactly what is happening, why it's happening and what you need to do to improve and the availability of seeing your faults on screen is invaluable.
  11. 6. Lessons help realise your potential which includes being able to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently.
  13. 7. Lessons are a great opportunity to discuss equipment with your pro and find out what's best for your swing.
  15. 8. Learn practice drills. The pro will be able to give you specific drills to help you on the part of your game that you're working on.
  17. 9. Lessons enable you to get the most out of your equipment.
  18. 10. Lessons prevent bad habits developing.



Every Wednesday during the summer holidays, Lincoln Golf Centre held six individual group sessions for 4 to 16 year olds. Each session lasted four hours, and included shots on the range, putting, bunker play, chipping and a few holes played on the golf course. Each of the 90 children that attended had a chance to win a 6-week group coaching programme and go on to enter into the Grand Final to win a year's Free Course Membership.

tiger day presentation

Six children showed fantastic ability and impressive attitude and they all received a certificate and entry into the Grand Final on the 1st September. 

Head PGA Professional, Paul Logan and Young Leader Robert Espin are here pictured with all six finalists - Cameron Docherty, Greg Pankhurst, Louis Mander, Richard Woodthorpe, Ben Johnson and Jake Sanderson.

The final was that close that nothing could split the 6 so we opted for a 'freindly draw' and all 6 won a 6 week coaching course.

A massive well done to all of the 84 children who took part in this event throughout the summer.



mini-DSC00146Rebecca Lynes (Assistant PGA Professional) of Lincoln Golf Centre can be seen here promoting an introduction of Tri-Golf at the 2010 Lincolnshire Show. Tri-Golf has made it possible for the education sector and golfing community to work closely together for the benefit of the schools, the clubs and young people.


Paul Logan is here keeping a watchful eye over the youngsters on the day.

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